Friday, 4 August 2017

Aries & Dewi Prewedding

There are a lot of times when people, especially ones who live in big cities, face the challenge of time limitation due to busy schedule, even at the weekends. Initially, Aries and Dewi decided to not have a Pre-Wedding photoshoot because their schedule didn’t allow them to slip a session in between but by the end of the day, surprisingly they asked for an intimate session in a familiar place that offers them comfort, Aries’ parents house.

It was a beautiful day with the perfect sunlight, very tranquil and it feels like the moment was gifted from the universe.

It’s true what people say..

Love will make its way and what we need to do is to let love work its magic.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Ayu & Lingga Prewedding - A trip and a picnic !

It is always a good time to work with couple that want something unique to perpetuate their journey of love. Meet our fantastic couple, Ayu and Lingga who wants their pre-wedding photos tells their journey on a exquisite picnic set.

They choose the theme to interpreted from the journey of their relationship. 
The journey that made them able to share their time and togetherness during this time. Hanging out in beautiful places with good company. Slow down and take their time to enjoy the beauty around them.

The photos are too cute! A combination of a beautiful attire with a touch of pastel colors and unique props such as an old car and classic cordeon, successfully making the atmosphere even more alive! 

Those beautiful moment, to work with them and celebrate their happy story are priceless for us. Congratulation for you both, Ayu and Lingga! ❤