Saturday, 10 June 2017

Ayu & Lingga Prewedding - A trip and a picnic !

It is always a good time to work with couple that want something unique to perpetuate their journey of love. Meet our fantastic couple, Ayu and Lingga who wants their pre-wedding photos tells their journey on a exquisite picnic set.

They choose the theme to interpreted from the journey of their relationship. 
The journey that made them able to share their time and togetherness during this time. Hanging out in beautiful places with good company. Slow down and take their time to enjoy the beauty around them.

The photos are too cute! A combination of a beautiful attire with a touch of pastel colors and unique props such as an old car and classic cordeon, successfully making the atmosphere even more alive! 

Those beautiful moment, to work with them and celebrate their happy story are priceless for us. Congratulation for you both, Ayu and Lingga! ❤

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Dara & Fano A Dreamy Prewedding Session

"True love isn’t so much a dreamy feeling that you have as it an enduring commitment to give sacrificially – even, or perhaps especially, when you don’t feel like it." – William R. Mattex. Jr.

The sun had just risen when we started the pre-wedding session of Dara and Fano. Thus, it is certainly the most beautiful natural light that will suit majestically in an outdoor photo session. 

With the addition of incandescent lights that we have set as one of the decorations for this prewed session, the atmosphere becomes very romantic and dreamy! Not to mention the enchant headpieces from Allura on Dara's head that makes the nuance even more alive. 

Then we still adapting the outdoor theme for the second session of the photoshoot. The sun is still on its fair light and the colors of Dara and Fano's simple attire just lighting up such a sweet moment. They look like the happiest couple on earth! 

Furthermore, the last photo session was done in a café. Dara and Fano want this last session to look homey. They also want to be seen as they are relaxing at their own home. 

After all, Dara and Fano looks very happy with their pre-wedding photo session. Therefore, we are more than grateful to be the part of this blithesome moment 😊